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Private Lessons - Arjun Novotny-Shandas

private lessons with Arjun Novotny-Shandas

Arjun Novotny-Shandas


Arjun was born and raised right here in Boulder and has played piano since he was six. Today he studies Music and Political Science at CU. He is a versatile pianist with experience performing in jazz ensembles, chamber music groups, as a soloist, and as an accompanist. In addition to piano, Arjun has also played clarinet in an orchestral setting and banjo in a bluegrass band. Arjun was fortunate to have received a robust music education as a child that helped positively shape his life, and he aspires to do the same for others. As a teacher he is empathetic and thoughtful, always eager to help students reach creative goals.

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