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private lessons with River Ashmore

River Ashmore


River is a guitarist who has been playing since the young age of 9. He writes and performs live in several Colorado-based groups with fans all across the country. His passion is live gigging but he also performs as a sit-in guitarist and session player. In addition to playing live, River is a college student currently pursuing his degree at CU Denver. He enjoys teaching students of all ages and is quick to adapt to the ability of each musician to encourage comfortability and enjoyment. As a teacher, Rivers' style is collaborative but he will always strive to push his students beyond their preconceived capability. Through breaking down each piece and deciphering all of its intricacies River encourages a deeper connection to every piece that is attempted. He believes technique is just as fundamental as theory and paces his lessons in a manner that encourages longevity with the instrument. Above all else he firmly believes learning an instrument should be a fun process and that those who enjoy the art of practice are sure to excel. River is dedicated to each and every student and will work with them hand in hand to achieve any and all of their goals within music no matter how big or small.

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