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Victoria King


Victoria has been a private music instructor since 2012. Her educational and performance background includes ensemble training in clarinet since 1996, and piano performance since 1999. She spent two years at Valdosta State University in the piano performance program, where she learned technique, ear training, music history, and advanced theory. She mainly have taught piano, but can also teach clarinet up to an intermediate level. Victoria feels comfortable teaching students of all ages and has taught preadolescents through senior citizens, mostly, and loves working with these age groups. Her philosophy for teaching is to help you enjoy the learning process so that you are more likely to improve at it. We work at your pace; she works with you to find songs you enjoy that you can work on during a portion of our lessons once you're over the basics. We will review various styles, and if there are any you would enjoy playing, such as jazz, classical, pop, or a variety, She will help find pieces at your level that you request or to introduce to you in class for a short sight reading following our brief introductory scale exercises and warm-ups. She understands that every student is different. Victoria has noticed over the years that some students are better at playing by ear and memorizing pieces than they are at note spelling and sight reading, or vice versa. Not to worry! We will work together on all of these areas except memorization, unless it is required for an event, such as an audition or recital. We hope this brief biography helps answer some of your questions about lessons in advance; please feel free to reach out with any other questions you may have. She looks forward to teaching you!

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