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Sarah Garlock


Sarah Garlock, a Colorado native, has been immersed in music for over 20 years. Her musical journey began in her teens, where she taught herself to play the drums and guitar. This passion for music led her to receive a music scholarship to Bethany College in Lindsborg, KS, where she studied Music Performance with a focus on percussion. After college, Sarah's musical exploration expanded as she began giving lessons and delving into new instruments. She has always been fascinated by music theory and enjoys blending theoretical concepts with creative expression. Sarah dedicates much of her time to perfecting her American Primitive Style guitar playing and exploring music production. She is also adept at crafting backing tracks using Ableton Live. Sarah's teaching philosophy is rooted in fostering a love for music in her students. She believes in demonstrating the fun and joy that music can bring, making learning an enjoyable experience for all.

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