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Sarena Shabetai


Sarena Shabetai, a student-focused musician, has cultivated a reputation as a devoted violin instructor specializing in guiding beginner and intermediate players. Having honed her own skills through two decades of rigorous training and performance, Sarena intimately understands the challenges faced by those venturing into the music world. Her patient and encouraging teaching style, coupled with a deep love for the art of violin, positions Sarena as a dedicated guide for budding violinists. Sarena stands out not only for her dedication to technical proficiency but also for her exceptional skill in transcribing and creating sheet music tailored to the preferences of her students. Whether it's their favorite contemporary song or just a silly jingle they’ve heard and want to play, Sarena can meticulously craft musical scores that resonate with individual student goals. Beyond the technicalities, Sarena is dedicated to instilling a keen musical ear in her students. By teaching them not only how to play but also how to listen and understand, Sarena empowers students to develop a profound connection with their instrument and the music they create. Through personalized lessons, innovative teaching methods, and an unwavering dedication to the individual needs of each student, Sarena is not just a violin instructor but a mentor on a mission to unlock her student’s full potential. Her focus on the student experience reflects not only a deep love for the instrument but also a desire to inspire a lifelong appreciation for the beauty of music.

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