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Darian Freeman

Darian Freeman serves as Principal Trombone of the Denver Philharmonic and also is a busy freelancer in the Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota areas. He has played with he Colorado Springs Philharmonic, the Wyoming Symphony, the Greeley Philharmonic, South Dakota Symphony as well as other notable orchestras. In addition, he holds an associate spot with the Chicago Civic Orchestra. He has played under the baton of notable conductors such as Leonard Slatkin and Ken-David Masur performing in Carnegie hall as well as David Geffen Hall. Darian earne... Read More

Daniel Florez

Daniel Florez is a guitarist with 16 years of playing experience with experience on other instruments such as piano, violin, and trumpet. In his time away from teaching, Daniel works as Audio Mocha, a solo project for creating surf rock and Latin arrangements of popular and video game music and has performed in multiple conventions around the country. He was a computer programming and mathematics tutor in college and teaches after-school classes for kindergarten to second-grade students for teaching the basics of rhythm and music. Daniel's pass... Read More

Derrick Rassinier

Derrick Rassinier began playing horn at age 11 under the instruction of Evan Mino, former assistant principal horn of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. After moving to Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 2014, Derrick discovered composition and honed his skills under the influence of Barry Milner. After graduating from Eureka Springs High School, Derrick attended Interlochen Center for the Arts and studied horn under Corbin Wagner, and composition with Dr. Cynthia Van Maanen. Derrick received a bachelor’s degree in horn performance at the University of Ar... Read More

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All about Trumpet Lessons

Trumpet Lessons:

Trumpet is a great instrument to play. It is commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. Trumpets are played by blowing air through your lips to create a buzzing sound. This buzzing starts a standing wave vibration in the air column in the horn. There are three valves to change the pitch of the note. You can also change the note by changing the tightness of your lips - this is called a “partial.” When you consider the combination of each of the three valves and the seven-plus partials, that is how the full two and a half octave range of notes is filled out. Trumpets are the highest of the brass instruments. They often play the lead role in many ensembles. Many highly accomplished trumpeters can play impressively high notes (and often take quite a bit of pride in how high they can play).

We recommend students are at least 9 years old before starting trumpet lessons. It requires a certain level of lung capacity as well as a difficult lip technique that is challenging for younger children to develop. Although trumpet is a difficult instrument, it is very much worth learning. Students are often proud of their accomplishments as they start to become more competent on the instrument. A musician who plays the trumpet can be called a trumpet player or a trumpeter. The trumpet can get as loud as 120 decibels. That is as loud as a thunderclap or chainsaw! For this reason, the MBTA in Boston does not allow subway performers to play trumpets in their stations. The highest note performed on a trumpet is a quad C. It has been played by both Michael Schmidt and Mark Van Cleve.

Trumpet History:

Trumpet-like instruments have been used as signaling devices ever since 1500 BCE. Archaeologists found bronze and silver trumpets in the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt. The Shofar, a horn made of metal or an animal horn (hence “horn”) is even mentioned in the Bible. Eventually, these horns became musical instruments sometime during the 14th century. Since the late 15th century trumpets have been made of brass. Originally they did not have any valves. Valves were added around 1820.

The trumpet is constructed of brass tubing that is bent two times. Modern trumpets have three piston valves. This is what makes them different from Bugles, which are just a straight tube without any valves. Despite their relatively small size, the average trumpet has up to 6 and half feet of tubing.

Our Favorite Trumpet Players:

Dizzy Gillespie: Jazz 625

Freddie Hubbard: Live at the Village Vanguard

Wynton Marsalis: Carnival of Venice

Christian Scott: Tiny Desk Concert